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Mairi Mackay

Experienced award-winning digital journalist. Spent time in the Middle East, now back in London. Have written and edited for and The Times.


Eurovision: 7 secrets to being a hit at Europe's favorite song contest

Winners have included Lordi, a Finnish metal band dressed as Orcs and, last year, a glamorous bearded lady from Austria. It's weird. It's wacky. It's definitely camp. And it has awesome soft power. Up-and-coming nations on the periphery of Europe scramble to host the show to raise their profile on the world stage.
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Hajj stampede: 5 things you need to know

(CNN)The Hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage, has been beset by disasters since the 1980s, leaving thousands dead and more injured. This year has been particularly deadly, despite attempts by the government of Saudi Arabia to make the pilgrimage safer for the more than 2 million people who make the journey each year.
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Is U.S. bombing of Afghan hospital a war crime?

(CNN)The bombing by U.S. forces of a Doctors without Borders hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz, which left at least 22 people dead, has caused outrage and raised questions around the world. The United States says it is conducting a "full investigation," but the medical aid group, also known as Medecins Sans Frontieres, or MSF -- which lost 12 staff members in the attack -- has called for an independent inquiry "under the clear presumption that a war crime has been committed."
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Mysterious Korean 'ghost ships' found in Japan: What we know

(CNN)Tests are being carried out on decomposed bodies found aboard so-called "ghost ships" that have entered Japanese waters in the past five weeks. The key questions facing authorities: Who are they? And where did they come from? Evidence found on the boats and their grim cargo suggest they came from North Korea.
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'Space Oddity' to 'The Man Who Fell to Earth': His greatest music, films

Legendary British art-rock icon David Bowie -- who has died aged 69 -- was all these and so much more. In a prolific career spanning more than four decades, Bowie amassed a huge catalog of music, his unrelenting evolution keeping him relevant to new generations of fans. As an actor, his career flourished from the late 1970s to the early 1980s -- and he worked with great directors including David Lynch, Martin Scorsese and Jim Henson.
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U.S.: ISIS loses quarter of territory in Iraq - 3 things you need to know

London (CNN)The Pentagon released a map this week showing coalition forces have taken back 25-30% of Iraqi territory seized by ISIS. The map, above, shows gains in key central and northern areas of Iraq where the terror group was previously the dominant force. The gains made in the fight against the terror group by Iraqi security forces and coalition air power certainly look impressive -- although as the U.S.
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Jeremy Clarkson: Hated by liberals, loved by the elite

He is the headline act on the globally popular 'Top Gear' -- but his past offences litter the map.
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Mairi Mackay

I am an experienced, award-winning journalist with proven editorial judgement and creative thinking. My background is in digital journalism and I have 10 years experience in both news and features.

I am an experienced reporter (including working in the field) and newsdesk editor and have worked on stories including the war in Syria, the refugee crisis and the Paris attacks.

As a features journalist, I have written on a wide range of topics including: Middle East business and culture, contemporary art, film, travel, urban environment, religion, nonviolent protest and women’s issues.



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